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Italy, the dolce vita

Let’s face it , we the Italians give a bit for granted the beauty and uniqueness that the whole world recognizes us , but when come the foreign tourists, thanks to their admiring glances , their enthusiastic words we realize how special our country is.
Yes, because for us Italians is normal to walk by the side of a Roman amphitheater , taste an ice cream sitting and watching gondolas and canals , visit the home of Dante Alighieri or Leonardo da Vinci or sitting in the shade of medieval buildings and Etruscan arches.

In Italy we can even choose the color of the sea, bright blue in Liguria and Tuscany , cobalt in Apulia and Sicily, transparent and Maldivian in Sardinia .

But Italy is not only art and beautiful places to take your breath away, we are also the country of the sonnets of Dante and Petrarch, of Boccaccio’s and Manzoni’s masterpieces, of the great Fellini’s and Zeffirelli’s movies. We are the country of opera, of Caruso and Pavarotti and also of Latin lover and Casanova. By us were born Ferrari and Lamborghini as well as Armani, Versace and Valentino, and we are also one of the countries that has best interpreted the Mediterranean diet. Yes, because here cooking is an art and every meal, from north to south, is a symphony of colors, combinations and flavors, all to be consumed at a beautifully served table with the ones you love.

Food for us Italians is a serious business, where expressing creativity and refinement, after all we have invented pizza, spaghetti and ice cream … there is maybe someone in the world who don’t like them?

Here you are the typical things that the world recognizes us and to which some time ago even the prestigious newspaper “The Independent” has dedicated a large service (Fast cars to Latin lovers: Italy’s top 15 cultural exports).

However we can’t summarize Italy in 15 points, because there are so many slices of heaven unknown to most of the tourists that are worth discovering, among these there is Umbria, called the green heart of Italy, which gave birth to Saint Francis of Assisi and where every corner smells of old.

If we want to be travelers rather than tourists, let’s begin to choose the less obvious places and the cities where the locals go, because in Italy as well as Venice, Rome and Florence, there are places to discover, yet rarely visited and perhaps also for this reason so special.

And who knows, one day you could decide, as many foreigners have already done, to make Italy your own country.

(…), we’re not tourists. We’re travelers.
What’s the difference?
A tourist is someone who thinks about going home the moment they arrive,.
Whereas a traveler might not come back at all.

From “The sheltering Sky”



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