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Northern Italy

The north of Italy is the most developed part of the country from an economic point of view, furthermore in a state which is one of the most industrialized in the world.

– Milan, an evolved and cosmopolitan city, capital of fashion and well-being;
– Turin, a beautiful city for its geometrical architecture, until recently the capital of the car industry;
– Venice , the lagoon city whose charm is unique in the world, an appeal due to its water – streets and its channels that run along ancient palaces;
– Verona, considered the city of love thanks to the story of Romeo and Juliet ;
– Lake Como, one of the largest lakes in Italy and certainly the most charming and romantic;
– The Cinque Terre, with its old villages overlooking the sea with breathtaking landscapes and architecture.
These are just some of the cities and areas that make the north of Italy a highly interesting area for tourists who love to explore the century-old villages and cities that this part of Italy offers.





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