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Perugia is a very interesting city, mainly for the value it places on environment and for its rich historical and artistic patrimony.  It is the capital of the region of Umbria, and as such it summarizes all its predominant characteristics of the area. Situated atop a 493-meter hill above sea level, Perugia overlooks the Umbrian countryside; from its summit you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. Its picturesque features, its solemn antique structures, the austere aspect of its medieval buildings and the softness of the paintings which adorn the city's palaces and churches all make Perugia one of the most typical and famous cities of art as well as tourism capitals in Italy. The city of Perugia, though, is also a lively and animated place with numerous shops, typical craft works and national and international points of cultural interest. For this reason, Perugia is considered one of the best locations in Italy for a getaway and a chance for a true taste of the bel paese (beautiful country).  Perhaps by renting a luxurious apartment or a beautiful villa right in Perugia!



priori2.jpgThe central Piazza IV Novembre, home to the main Fontana Maggiore designed by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano in the 1200s, the Palazzo dei Priori building, home of the municipal administration of Perugia, and the Cathedral are all  concrete symbols of the unique importance of art in Perugia, where the charm of its monuments and the architectural depth of its central street, Corso Vannucci, inspire us to relive historical times in a decidedly modern setting represented by the many inviting shops. The City Hall, Palazzo dei Priori, is one of the most noble public buildings in Italy, and is home to the National Gallery of Umbria, filled with rich, famous artwork. Paintings by Angelico, Benozzo Bozzoli and Piero della Francesca are conserved in the Pinacoteca di Perugia. And then there are the artists Benedetto Bonfigli, Pietro Vannucci known as Il Perugino and Pinturicchio, whose masterpieces are present in Perugia, in one of the most admired collections of all time.


the_palace_of_the_mayor_of_perugia_at_only_30_meters_from_the_apartment.jpgArt and culture in Perugia are tangible examples of a city which is renowned for its artistic taste and sensibility for beautiful things, still present today in its many grand and internationally-famed events which bring visitors from around the world (Umbria Jazz, held every year in July and the Sagra Musicale Umbra, Umbrian musical festival are the best examples).

Perugia is an ancient and modern city at the same time: modern escalators connect the slopes of its hills to its top peaks through the underground city of Perugia, the majestic Rocca Paolina fortress, evidence of the harmonious synthesis of pure medieval and highly functional modernism.  A courageous combination, admirable for its absolute discretion and respect for both its origins and function.  Perugia is therefore a city to be visited and experienced in all its rich history, art and surroundings, which together make the city particularly open and welcoming. The city's University for Foreigners, located in the 18th-century, majestic Palazzo Gallenga building is a perfect example. It is considered one of the oldest and most prestigious universities of its kind in all of the Italian peninsula, and for this reason it is attended by over six thousand foreign students per year, coming from all over the world to learn the Italian language. Living and spending time in Perugia means experiencing an ancient yet modern, welcoming city, and a chance to enjoy unforgettable emotions. Choosing a stay in Umbria, in particular in Perugia, in the heart of Italy is recommended for all those who look for an ancient feel in a city, art, nature, a typical Italian experience and the hospitality which the people of Perugia are known for. 

Choosing the Villa Nuba Luxury Residences for your stay, you will find yourselves tucked away among emerald green hills and pine and olive trees, but never more than a short distance from the historical center of the city and the University for Foreigners of Perugia. As Perugia is at the exact center of Umbria, your stay here allows you to visit small towns, villages and hills all around Umbria while still enjoying the comforts of services and shops at just 200 meters from your accommodation.

What's more, Villa Nuba Luxury Residences is the ideal location for those who desire a longer stay with long term special rental prices, with the possibility of renting an apartment furnished with all the comforts of home in Perugia, for the perfect escape into the charming dimensions of art, nature, and Italian and antique style, for a typical, genuine taste of this marvelous land.

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The Chaming Villa Nuba apartments rental in Perugia  is the only deluxe vacation rental directly by the owner in Umbria as A Home Away from Home ! One of the goal of this charming holiday rental is the location : Villa Nuba is the only holiday rental in the area that's  in the countryside at the top of a  green hill and at the same time at only 15 minutes walking distance to  the medieval and etruscan  centre of Perugia.