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Umbria has been nicknamed the "green heart of Italy," thanks to the wonderful relationship existing between man and nature. The traveler walking through the many roads of the Umbrian region is aware of the ancient feel amid rural, thriving nature, expression of a particular way of living in a wholesome, clean environment which still today is a unique aspect of the region. The contained beauty of the landscape, the ever-present human dimension of it, the silence and quiet of the surrounding suburbs recall the simple life of long ago. In Umbria, we are able to re-discover a new way of appreciating nature. Experiencing Umbria, it is easy to make the connection to Saint Francis of Assisi and his religiousness, seen in the love he had for the simple things. It was the Umbrian landscape itself, in fact, that inspired Saint Francis of Assisi towards his acts of complete spontaneity and naturalness.  Even today, tourists can relive, even if for just a short vacation in Umbria, this precious dimension of simplicity: living in a context where nature dominates with a presence so entirely in tune with inner peace.

07.jpg Umbria isn't just a lovely landscape, though, as its historical-artistic beauty is also wonderfully integrated into its natural backdrop.  There are notable and numerous traces of Umbria's ancient past: the set-up of its old towns, the narrow and quiet lanes, the castles, the isolated towers atop the hills all help re-create a typical medieval atmosphere around the region. Time seems almost to have stopped in Umbria. A holiday in Umbria is an unforgettable experience for many, because it is the best way to get a real taste of Italian traditions and culture.

This landscape which is on a human scale does not distract us, but invites us to meditate and withdraw into ourselves, and is perhaps the most authentic and original aspect of the region. It is through this environmental connection between present and past that we can find the main characteristics of Perugia, regional capital and hospitable town of Etruscan and Medieval origins; of Assisi, home of Saint Francis; of Gubbio, the purest medieval city in Umbria, of Spoleto, Todi, Spello and many other more minor centers – minor only for their size and number of inhabitants, but all equally diffused with those Umbrian characteristics: spiritual quiet, untouched nature, history and art. While this is a place where tourists are invited to regenerate their soul, there is however equal importance placed on the material aspects of life, as typical Umbrian cuisine is famously from the earth: oil, wine, mushrooms, truffles, game and cheese are key ingredients in genuine, tasty, appetizing dishes.


12.jpgTourists come to Umbria to revitalize their spirit and for a taste of a typical style of Italian life, but also to fuel their bodies with careful attention to the tastes and flavors of delicious cooking. Umbria isn't just a place to pass through, but a place where people choose to stay. And many, by choice, decide to remain for longer periods. Renting a house, an apartment or a villa in Umbria is the best way to fully savor the calm and inner peace that this land offers. If you choose to stay at the Luxury Residents Villa Nuba, your vacation in Umbria will be unforgettable: deluxe apartments for rent in an old farmhouse in the countryside, just a short distance from the historical center of Perugia, equipped with every comfort and furnished in style. Outdoors, you will enjoy seclusion while admiring the enchanting surrounding views, swimming in our new salt water swimming pool, listening to lovely Italian melodies or simply reading a book in the garden. If you just can't get away from work, no worries: every apartment offers wireless, high-velocity internet connection.  But, trust us, it will be difficult to work: the green hills which envelop Villa Nuba are the ideal setting for relaxation and with a good glass of red wine... Umbrian, of course!
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