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Our typical Umbrian villa offers delightful rental cottages for short or long stays. Set in the typical Umbrian countryside, it is situated close to the heart of the historic center of medieval and Etruscan Perugia. It is only a 15-minutes walk from the historic center as well as from the University for Foreigners of Perugia or from the prestigious italian language school “Lingua in Corso”, places dedicated to the study of the italian language and culture. Villa Nuba is also 15 minutes from the most important museums and art galleries that the city offers to visitors.A unique location in respect to the rental villas in Perugia, Villa Nuba is therefore ideal for short or long stays: our previous and present guests chose us as the base of their stay in Umbria or even as a frontfoot to discover the whole Italy.

As Perugia is at the centre of Umbria, Umbria at the centre of Italy and Villa Nuba at the centre of Perugia we can say with no doubts that Villa Nuba is the most strategic place you can find: everything is at hand, markets, shops, typical shops, restaurants, pizzerias, inns, wineries and olive oil mills. At the same time you stay in a typical italian villa in the countryside, among olive trees and vineyards. Everything is here, for those who love to discover the heart of Umbrian tradition and all the while want to stay close to all amenities and attractions that a typical Italian city offers, our luxury apartments for rent are the ideal location.

Furthermore a long-term stay in a rented house must include many more amenities and facilities than just a simple rental house gives for a few days. This is what Villa Nuba offers its guests.

We love to remember a sentence from one of our first American guests who often comes back for a stay of three or four weeks. He wrote a comment at the end of his holiday defining Villa Nuba “My Home Away from Home “; simply what we want it to be for all our guests.

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