Located exactly in the center of Italy, the Umbria region is a concentration of places to relax. Umbria is the land of Saints and their seraphic activity. The lifes of saints such as St. Francis of Assisi are permeated with love and courage. And it is precisely the love and courage of the inhabitants of this land that has been able to preserve and enrich this priceless treasure. From majestic basilicas to small country churches, from ancient monasteries to remote
solitary monasteries.
The paths of the streets of the Saints in Umbria bring the traveler to the discovery of mystical and enchanted places. Places where silence, uncontaminated nature and surprising peace make the tourist plunge into an atmosphere of other times.
In this context, man can grasp the true meaning of life and the infinite. And that is why Umbria is increasingly chosen by couples and families from all over the world to be their new home to live in total relaxation.
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