Perugia, art city

Discover the artistic wonders of Perugia

To locate the main features of local art in Perugia is not easy, since the city is filled with art in all the buildings of the historical center. Perugia is also rich in sculpture and painting masterpieces which are some of the most important in Italy. To see all these works of art, one should stay at least a week and dedicate it essentially to the discovering of a city which is the result of over two thousand year-old history.A whole week in Perugia, if spent slowly and not in a hurry, will permit to discover: Palazzo dei Priori, the Maggiore Fountain, the Churches of San Francesco, San Domenico and San Pietro, the bridgehouse of Porta Sant’Angelo, the Etruscan Arch, just to mention some of the most important monuments.

Worth a visit is also the National Gallery museum housed in the “Palazzo dei Priori”, which preserves valuable works of artists linked to the territory such as Piero della Francesca and Beato Angelico. In the Archaeological Museum next to the Church of San Domenico are some of the most important finds of the territory.
The paintings by Perugino, Pinturicchio and Bonfigli which are in Perugia deserve a guided tour, which allows one to fully enjoy the cultural and spiritual aspects.

These painters’ masterpieces are reproduced in frescoes inside every apartment of our residence, according to the Pictografia technique.
Unmissable is also San Lorenzo Cathedral, where beside a lot of works of art there is the Saint Joseph chapel, dedicated to the Sacred ring, Virgin Mary’s wedding ring.

Finally, the Rocca Paolina is a fortress built under the old town, when Pope Paul III fortified a section of the old center to defend himself from his enemies, and shows the presence of the ancient in a modern city. The Rocca Paolina represents one of the of the most characteristic periods of Perugia, it was designed as a sort of city within a city, updated with the presence of escalators built inside which connect new areas with the old town.

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