Crafts in Perugia

Crafts identify different sections of the old town: these include the Moretti Caselli shop which produces artistic wall – glasses, the “Pozzo delle ceramiche” (the Well of Ceramics) with its famous handmade pottery, the weaving art of Giuditta Brozzetti known for fabrics and laces, the famous handmade glass products by “Ozona”, Anna Fornari’s goldsmith workshop and others. These are all in the historic center from Corso Cavour to Via dei Priori or in the nearby areas (Elce neighborhood is just steps from the center).In the historical centre of Perugia operate varius artisans who have formed a cultural association“ Botteghe artigiane del centro storico” ( )

In Piazza Matteotti there is a charming small shop: Casagrande’s Cards offers hand-made greeting cards. The client can order the subject who prefers and in a few hours the card prestigius greeting card it’s ready.

You can not miss the pure high class italian design of a charming artist who has her own atelier in Perugia: a lovely girl who loves to paint handmade precius fabrics. You can even choose the subject of the painting! What is more the greatest new I can already offer You is that You can buy her paintings also before visit Perugia and Villa Nuba…  I’m sure You will love her ties, her sheets, her clothes, her works of art.

The city of Perugia is therefore open to tourists and its citizens to offer them its handicrafts products which are the result of a passion handed down over centuries of history.

In Perugia, especially in and around the city, craft activities full shops and workshops, involving the masters of wood, iron, embroidery and ceramics.
Local works of craft are available around Perugia, visiting small towns such as Deruta, Todi, the Lake Trasimeno and Città di Castello.
These are the result of artisans, who have instilled in their art a passion deriving from their ancestors. Works of art and craft but also natural products such as truffles, olive oil and wine, characterize Umbria and are basic elements of a culture which is expressed through the neverending and passionate work of its inhabitants.
The tourist who really want to know the way of life in Umbria and Perugia, finds in these products the meaning of a small region, situated at the center of Italy, but full of great history and culture.Thanks to “The Villa Nuba Gold Card” the Guests of the Villa Nuba holiday vacation rentals in Perugia enjoy special care and discounts by the ArtiCity Association – Craft shops of Perugia’s historical center. This exclusive card permits to visit the workshops and buy the prestigious products with great discounts.The handicraft products are all made by the skilled artesans of Perugia with old techniques of working handed down them from generation to generation.Staying at Villa Nuba Yand taking inspiration by the many suggestions of us, home owners and lovers of Umbria, our Guests have the opportunity to enjoy two holidays in one: the total relaxation in a historic villa surrounded by greenery in Perugia and Umbria and at the same time the opportunity to live like a local and sightseeing the medieval town of Perugia and the villages and countrysde that’s are all around the town.
We just have to tell …. we are waiting for you !

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