The Etruscan walls and a beautiful medieval old town characterize the city of Perugia, a place of culture par excellence. The city is in fact home to two universities: The Università degli Studi, founded in 1308 and the “University for Foreigners”, the most important in Italy, dedicated to the study of Italian language and culture.
Thanks to these two universities often there are a lot of conferences and congresses about various topics that take place in the city: art, history, law, literature, science, thus creating a whole range of cultural interests attracting scholars and scientists from all over the world.Works of art both in painting and architecture also summon international exhibitions at the National Gallery Museum inside Palazzo dei Priori – the latter is also seat of the municipal administration.
Regarding the major exhibitions of the city the one about the Etruscans, between October 2014 and April 2015, attracted a lot of visitors.

“Umbria libri” (usually held in November) is an annual event that leads to Perugia important scholars and writers who participate with speeches and reports on specific topics.
In April, the “Festival Internazionale del Giornalismo” (Journalism Festival) is a cultural event with meetings, debates and shows attended by famous journalists and experts of mass-media and communication.

Perugia is also seat of the regional Government, hence a lot of events take place on culture, economy and politics involving all institutions and citizens.
Soon the city of Perugia will also have its “Medieval Palio”, a traditional ancient inter districts race which will be held for the first time in 2016. This initiative wanted by Perugia Culture Councilor Teresa Severini will take place among the centuries-old walls of the town.

Finally, the love for music and theater is also expressed in unique initiatives like the Umbria Jazz Festival, the concert seaon of the “Amici della Musica” (Friends of Music) and the theatre season of the Teatro Morlacchi.
Perugia is therefore an lively city, heart of different cultural movements and initiatives which make it a beloved destination for both Italian and foreign tourists yearlong.

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