Events in Perugia

Perugia is a prestigious center of cultural, historical and folkloristic events, art and music performances that characterize it during the whole year.
Around Easter many events are usually organized in the historic center. Particularly characteristic are the Good Friday processions, which come from the Middle Ages and remind faithfuls and lovers us of history and traditions. The most important and impressive procession is the “Way of the Cross” in San Lorenzo Cathedral.In summer Umbria Jazz Festival animates the city with music, both in the narrow streets of the historical center and in theaters and open-air squares. Umbria Jazz is an international music festival that is held every year between early and mid-July. From small clubs, to theaters, streets and squares, in those days Perugia’s historical center emanates a magical atmosphere where jazz blends with the history and architecture of the city.

During the ten days of the festival, from noon until late at night, the center of Perugia becomes a real “city of music” with performances and concerts held by some of the most known and popular jazz musicians of the world.
Choosing Villa Nuba’s elegant rental apartments means staying very close to events such as Umbria Jazz, but at the same time it means staying in a luxurious Umbrian villa for rent just outside the fun and lively city center.

Villa Nuba offers the music within earshot without giving up the typical relaxation of an ancient villa in the Umbrian countryside.

In autumn, each year, during the month of October, Perugia becomes the European capital of chocolate, honouring the Perugina factory which is in the city, and their worldwide known praline “Bacio Perugina”.

Eurochocolate is an annual event focused on chocolate, with stands and events dedicated to this product. The downtown streets are invaded by lovers of this “food of gods” and sculptures made from huge blocks of chocolate become a big attraction.
In spring, in April, the International Journalism Festival takes place in Perugia, one of the most important meeting in the world regarding this field.

In winter, at Christmas time, Perugia offers the opportunity to relive religious history and old traditions: Christmas markets with artisanal cribs, living cribs and decorations animate the city and make it joyful. Every year at Christmas time the oldest Umbrian mall inside the “Rocca Paolina” arrives in Perugia with an event named “Christmas at the Fortress”. It is an attractive Christmas market along the underground streets of the ancient city.

Then, if you are lucky, in the Church of San Domenico in Corso Cavour you can admire a charming nativity scene.

Just a 10-minutes walk from Villa Nuba you can visit the beautiful handcrafted cribs of Porta Pesa and Corso Bersaglieri. They are made by the local residents and include a magnificent nativity scene which reproduces the heart of the historic center of Perugia.

Numerous other events create a sort of cultural frame to the city: classical music concerts organized by the association “Amici della musica” (Friends of Music), scientific conferences and cultural initiatives focused on the artistic and pictorial heritage are dedicated to those citizens and tourists who want live the city fully.

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