Perugia for children

The city of Perugia is particularly appropriate to receive children thanks to a lot of playful and cultural opportunities, which are suitable for every age.Villa Nuba offers children a new and safe playground, a tennis-table and a salt-water swimming pool where they should be kept under adult supervision.

In town there is a Science Museum for children called Post. It is at only 10/15 minute walk from Villa Nuba and it offers the opportunity to discover how things like sound, light, waves and energy develop. Inside the museum there are also workshops to study in depth specific topics such as the construction of children’s toys.

The house of chocolate (Casa del Cioccolato) inside the Perugina factory permits to children and teenagers to take part in workshops and learn how to prepare cakes and sweets with the help of a “Chocolate Master”.

The “Città della Domenica” park is a very big place immersed in the green with a farm, a zoo area, a fairy tale area and a fun train which crosses the whole park. There are free animals, houses inspired to fairy tales and fables such as Pinocchio and Snow White, an Apache fort and other fun attractions. In addition there’s a reptile section which is one of the largest in Italy.

Worth to mention are two amusing restaurants: “Osteria di Pinocchio” located in Pian di Massiano area and inspired to the namesake story. The restaurant, which also hosts a room named “Paese dei Balocchi” (Pleasure Island), is a children-oriented place, all made in wood, where characters from Pinocchio’s story will animate your dinner.

The Bam Bam Ristosauro, situated in Via Trasimeno Ovest is a “prehistoric” restaurant inspired to the Flintstones cartoon. A perfect organization and a friendly staff make it the ideal place for an enjoyable evening. The restaurant has two large rooms suitable for couples, friends and families: while eating parents can keep an eye on their children directly from the tables that overlook the playground.

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