Relax in Perugia

Perugia and all Umbria with its rolling hills, its green countryside, its quiet towns seems to be the ideal destination for a relaxing holiday.

The eye rests looking such a beautiful landscape but also the spirit benefits from it: far from the smog and from a life on the run, we feel in peace with ourselves and we rediscover the value of the simplest things, yes, because the rhythms in Umbria are still those of the relaxed life of village-life, where it is still possible to find time to share a smile with the baker who sells bread, to talk at the market for fruit and vegetables or to listen to the enchanting stories of seniors, sitting on wrought iron benches of the historic center of Perugia, telling ancient stories, maybe while throwing bread crumbs to pigeons in a row on the flower beds .

An ice cream tasted on the tables at the open air of the bars of the old town, a walk along the lake, a hike in the woods or cycling, a journey to spa centers are occasions to spend a holiday in total relax, to enjoy strictly in the company of those people who, during the year, due to work commitments we are forced to neglect .

Only thus the holiday becomes a precious moment to find ourselves and our loved ones, to cuddle each other and to take stock of our lives, it is not a coincidence that many tourists, including internationally renowned ones, choose our region as a destination to start again, where they can finally concentrate on what really matters: the feelings and the well-being of themselves and their loved ones.

Also many guests arriving at Villa Nuba often come from large and beautiful cities in the world : New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Dubai, Moscow. Often these are men and business women overworked and stressed and they see in our region an oasis of peace where recharge themselves.
In the summer, then, those who choose Umbria for their holiday choose to shun the file times by car towards the most famous beach resorts, rejects the fights on the beach to grab a shady spot under the sun of August, they don’t want to find themselves in crowded hotels with expensive and noisy stunted rooms, where it is impossible to not only relax but even sleep!

At Villa Nuba instead time seems to dilate giving us moments of absolute peace: lie down in the shade of the olive trees, sip a glass of wine by the pool, enjoy a bath in the hot tub or just lazing around and indulge in idleness are valuable devices for recharge the batteries after a year of work.

For our guests we have also large apartments elegantly furnished, with multiple bedrooms, large living room, separate kitchen, private patio, barbecue area and finally a salt water pool overlooking the hills, reserved only for guests of our three residences, all this because …

Peace and relaxation are two of our strenghts!

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