It is maybe the best known Umbrian city as it’s the birthplace of San Francesco (St. Francis), who is the saint patron of Italy.
In Assisi is kept a historical and artistic heritage which is one of the most important in the world.Worth to mention is the “Basilica di San Francesco” (Basilica of St. Francis), a church dating back to 1230, which preserves the mortal remains of the saint and consists of two churches: the Lower and the Upper Basilica. The first one is in Umbrian Romanesque style, the second one in Gothic style. Inside the churches one can admire frescoes made by Giotto, Cimabue and Simone Martini.Worth mentioning is the Basilica of Santa Chiara too (Basilica of St. Clare), whose crypt houses the tomb of the saint. This Basilica’ style is Gothic and it looks like the Upper Basilica of St. Francis because it belongs to the same historical period (1257-1260).These two monuments, St. Francis’ and St. Claire’s, are the heart of Assisi, they give the city a sort of spiritual and religious feeling that is felt in its streets, in its buildings, in his daily life and spread peace and quiet.

The city has a lot of architectural works, both artistic and environmental, which are equally important such as the main square with Minerva’s temple, the Cathedral of San Rufino, the church of San Damiano, the “Rocca Maggiore” (Majour Stronghold – a wonderful fortress dating back to about 1200) and the “Eremo delle carceri” (Prison Hermitage) which is the place where Francis and his disciples retreated to pray and meditate. The Hermitage is located on the slopes of Mount Subasio in a truly unique environmental setting where greenery and tranquillity give visitors a religious feeling of peace.

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