Norcia and Cascia

Norcia, ancient Sabine centre where Saint Benedict was born venerated in the ancient Church of San Benedetto, restored in the fourteenth century which gives its name to the main square. The Sibillini mountains that surround it with beautiful forests are the destination of many visitors who love the wild nature.

The artistic and monumental heart of the city of Norcia revolves around its central square where, with an organization of Renaissance origin, the buildings symbol of the city are concentrated, including The Basilica of San Benedetto, the Portico delle Misure, La Castellina, the fortified residence, the seat of the prefecture, The Cathedral of Santa Maria Argentea and the Palazzo Comunale.

Norcia, however, is the home of the black and white truffle and other products such as meats, cheeses and lentils that have made it famous in the typical Italian gastronomy.
The “norcinerie” are precisely these fine products that delight the palate. Truffles, cured meats and cheeses among the finest of all Italy can be tasted in typical trattorias scattered in the country and in the adjacent hills.

For lovers of truffles and nature the family of Villa Nuba suggests the restaurant “Il Castoro” located in the woods and hills in the town of Preci in Via Roma, 27, at just 19 km from Norcia.

Cascia, a town well known in religious geography for having given birth to Santa Rita whose remains are preserved there in a grandiose, modern Santurario, dominating a green and uncontaminated nature that surrounds it. In Cascia and in the surrounding countryside there is an atmosphere of peace and serenity that pervades every visitor. Places of nature that emanate relax and spirituality.

From the Villa Nuba holiday rental in Perugia, with a spectacular and relaxing drive through green hills and breathtaking views, Norcia can be reached in just an hour and twenty minutes.
From Norcia in less than thirty minutes you can immerse yourself in the spritiness of Cascia.

For those staying in Perugia, it is certainly a sightseeing to consider; Norcia and Cascia, with their landscapes, culinary delicacies.

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