Discover Orvieto

The city of the cliff

The town of Orvieto is worldwide known for its charm due to its monuments, its geographic location and its history.
It is situated on a tuff cliff in southwestern Umbria, a few? kilometers from Perugia and on the borderline with Lazio.
Its thousand – year old history traces the first human settlement to the 7th century B.C, but some believe that the place was already inhabited in the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.
In this town there are archeological sites dated back to Etruscan and validated by numerous studies conducted over the past years.

It is difficult to name all the historical and artistic monuments worthy of note, but we can mention the Orvieto cathedral, built in Italian Gothic style. Its unique façade is decorated with a large number of bas-reliefs and sculptures. The Duomo is an example of the work of a genius (the great architect Lorenzo Maitani) who was able to create and combine art, culture, style and sensibility in a polychrome effect that shines under the sunlight.

Also the Chapel of San Brizio deserves a visit thanks to its frescoes by Luca Signorelli, together with the Church of San Giovenale and the Church of Sant’Andrea built on the ruins of an early Christian church.
The town hall, the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo and many other medieval and Renaissance palaces make this town a unique example of beauty preserved over time.

Finally many archaeological sites such as the Caves of Adriano, the Necropolis of the Tuff’s Crucifix and many others, increase the cultural curiosity of the visitor.

The museums (Faina Museum and Museo dell’Opera del Duomo), the traditional festivals (the feast of Palombella at Pentecost, the Corpus Christi procession with its parade) and the cultural events (Umbria Jazz Winter taking place between late December and beginning of January of each year) complete the picture of a lively, beautiful town.

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