Spring in Umbria

The Spring in Umbria is the feast of nature where green, the dominant color in the whole region, explodes accompanied by the various colors of flowering trees and by the undergrowth of its hills.

Worthy to mention is the feast of St. Benedict in Norcia, patron of the city and saint patron of Europe. The feast (from 20th to 21 March of each year) consists of a historical recalling that involves the people in a competition between the various city districts called “Tournament of the Crossbow” .
In May, the most important festivals take place in two different areas of Umbria: the Lake Trasimeno with “Coloriamo I cieli” (coloring the skies) and in Assisi with “Il Calen di maggio”.

Coloring the skies is the festival of kites and takes place on the shores of the Lake Trasimeno. The kite is the symbol of an activity that takes place in harmony with nature and becomes the center of an event during which participants can express themselves freely.
The Calen of May in Assisi is a spectacular re-enactment of the costumes and medieval life. It consists of a challenge between two medieval factions and expresses through songs, chants and dances. The city is decorated with flowers, flags, torches and candles that make it lively, colorful and festive.

On May 15th in Gubbio occurs the “Corsa dei Ceri” (race of candles) which has centuries-old traditions. The candles are three enormous wooden machines weighing about 4 tons each, surmounted by the statues of St. Ubaldo, St. George and St. Anthony, carried on the shoulders from the old town to the summit of Mount Ingino overlooking the city where there is the Basilica of the Patron Saint Ubaldo. Along the path the so-called “ceraglioli” (the men who carry the candles) engage a frantic race through the streets of the city and in the strenuous climb to the mountain, followed by a festive crowd.
This is one of the most unique events in Italy and has its roots in ancient times in a mixture of paganism and Christianity.
The “Ceri” of Gubbio for their high importance play a fundamental role in the national and regional level thanks to which the regional government hired them as symbol of the Umbria region

Wine is one of the elements that dominate the culture and the tables in Umbria.
Thus, in the month of May, an event focusing on the enhancement of the wine produced in Umbria is “Cantine Aperte” (Open Cellars). It consists of the possibility to visit for free the most typical and important cellars in Umbria, with the taste of the various local wines.
This is an important traditional event that allows the visitor to discover the delights of the fine vineyards of Umbria. A real wine tour with a series of wine testings from morning to evening, a nice wandering among the green hills of Umbria and its precious and ancient cellars.

Near the end of May and the beginning of June, in some small towns of the region, but especially in Spello, there are the “Infiorate del Corpus Domini”. These are flower festivals dedicated to the “Corpus Christi”. The “infiorate” are floral arrangements on the floor of the cities which represent figures and liturgical ornaments. The spectacle of great beauty involves all the main streets of the small villages.

In Foligno, at the end of the month of May and the first two weeks of June, occurs the “Giostra della Quintana”, a riding – horse race inspired by one dated back to the seventeenth century. Ten riders challenge in trying to thread a series of rings with a spear in the horseback.

In June the “Mercato delle Gaite” of Bevagna is a faithful recreation of medieval life through the reconstruction of craft shops, taverns and typical markets of the time.
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