The green heart of Italy

Umbria has been defined by historians, artists and environmentalists, rightly “the green heart of Italy”.
In fact, Umbria in the center of Italy is a region where the environment is characterized by a constant green: the contained beauty of the landscapes, the human dimension present in everything, the silence of the villages evoke the simple life of the past.
In Umbria we rediscover a new way of relating to nature: it is easy in this regard, to refer to St. Francis of Assisi and to his religiosity made of love for simple things. And the tourist can, in this environment, at least for the time of a holiday, recover this precious dimension of naturalness.
Its cities, all set in this natural setting, made of landscape but also of art and history, are Assisi, Gubbio, Spoleto, Spello, Todi, Orvieto, Norcia, Cascia and many others.

Unlike the neighboring regions such as Tuscany and Le Marche, Umbria offers to the visitor a perfect synergy between uncontaminated nature, ancient history that starts from the Etruscans, artistic monuments, art galleries and museums of the most prestigious of the Italian peninsula. But what amazes and captures those who visit this land is the spirituality that transpires in every landscape, in every small medieval town. The quality of life is among the best in Italy. In fact, Umbria has managed to maintain its essence unaltered.

The Umbrians have not given way to a commercial vision of their land but, while always valorizing the typical features and the treasures that distinguish it, have managed to keep its essence intact. Not a land built to be visited, commercialized and conquered, but a land that wants to remain itself and be simply discovered by the visitor. Visiting and staying in Umbria is not just a trip, a holiday in central Italy. Umbria is much more, it is an experience.

Visiting Umbria changes life. Of course, it is not for everyone. Who can understand it and really live it is who has the soul suspended between earth and sky. And that’s why many choose it as a new home.

Come and discover Umbria from its heart and then from Perugia is the best choice. Staying in the Villa Nuba holiday rental will make you appreciate all this pampered between the relaxation and comfort of our elegant and charming holiday home.

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