Umbria for families

Umbria is a region of a thousand faces, that unlike others, reveals to the visitor gradually, leaving him free to discover the wonders of art and landscape of rare beauty, but it is also full of itineraries, places and attractions for children and young people so, why not create our own trip to Umbria just with our children , involving them in the choice of the places to see , alternating art tours to outdoor activities, natural trails and educational trips for a holiday that will satisfy their desire for fun and at the same time will be informative.

For a day of breathtaking scenery we can visit the “Cascate delle Marmore” (Marmore Falls) , which spread over three levels and are the highest in Italy with their 168 meters .
For boys you can also book a trail , led by experienced operators , which illustrates the area and the various species of flora . While for the little ones , we can take part to the “Fantapasseggiata with the gnefro ” , the gnome who lives in the plants of the waterfall.
Small ncave explorers and lovers of underground worlds should not miss the “Grotte del Monte Cucco” (Monte Cucco caves) located inside the park. The caves vary between them for depth, shape and size, and date back to several hundreds of thousands of years. Inside, it is also possible to observe fossils of large vertebrates such as cave bears, deer, rhinos, certainly our children will not be disappointed.

One way to make our kids learn history could be also a visit to the “Pozzo di San Patrizio” (St. Patrick’s Well) in Orvieto, built between 1527 and 1537. Entirely carved into the stone, 62 m-high circular in shape, it is a delight for the little ones due to the ups and downs and the height from which to look out, the well was created to supply water to the Rock Albornoz, where he had fled Pope Clement VII in the aftermath of the “Sack of Rome”.
If we have adventurous children the recommended destination is undoubtedly the “Parco fluviale del fiume Nera” in the Nera Valley near Norcia, where we can try various water sports such as canoeing, rafting and rock climbing on rock faces. For the children there is also the possibility of imitating their bigger brothers with the “Soft Rafting” led by certified instructors, they can also all together take part in days of summer camps with games and organized activities.

Also just for lovers of sport is born “Aktivo Park,” ( )the largest outdoor amusement park in Italy. With its 25 hectares of land, located at the foot of the beautiful medieval village of Scheggino, 12 km from Spoleto and along the banks of the Black River. Accompanied by “Rangers” in their jeep we can challenge ourselves in activities such as hiking, mountain biking, air soft games, rafting, climbing and many outdoor games.
Guys, you know, are also attracted by fossils and dinosaurs, by the fascinating stories of animals and plants that don’t exist anymore, so why not to take them to the “Foresta Fossile di Dunarobba” in Avigliano Umbro near Terni? This is a petrified forest due, probably, a flood occurred in the Middle Jurassic. Walking inside you can see the redwood logs dating to one million two hundred thousand years ago, that is, the geological period known as the “Pliocene.”
A unique natural monument of great scientific importance that surely will delight young and old alike.
Continuing in the Terni area we can visit with our kids the church of Santo Stefano di Ferentillo, where there are twenty mummified bodies dating back to many centuries ago.

Again in the province of Terni, but in Papigno, the actor Roberto Benigni inaugurated “Il paese dei Balocchi”, a village inspired by the tender tale of Pinocchio, written by Collodi. Papigno is also known for being the sets of major motion pictures that had just Roberto Benigni as main character: “La vita è bella”, “La tigre e la neve” and just “Pinocchio”.
For animal lovers, especially of birds, let’s not run away “the Oasis of Alviano ‘, right on the border between Umbria and Lazio. The oasis is home to 150 different species of water birds such as herons, cranes, geese and wild ducks and not as a chance has become a WWF oasis.
Funny and charming it is to take position at locations hidden among the trees to observe these animals by the spectacular plumage as they swim and eat. A wonderful opportunity for birdwatching.

Finally, for a holiday suitable for children we can finally see the website, all done by local moms,, with many valuable suggestions on events, initiatives, paths “Kids friendly paths” and much more.

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