The city offers many sport opportunities because it has high quality services, many of which are close to the center but, at the same time, deep in the green.
In Pian di Massiano (linked to the historical center by the Minimetrò, a modern light rail that allows to reach the sposrts district in just 5 minutes) there are the “Renato Curi” stadium, several football fields (Perugia has a bush league football team), a running area, a biking area including one for the BMX bikes, a rugby field, a skating rink and an archery field.
A few meters away is a modern sports hall equipped for basketball and volleyball which hosts important events including concerts.In various areas of the city, there are gyms with professional instructors to practice all kinds of activities.
Closer the historical center is the Santa Giuliana Stadium, a green field with a modern running track. The stadium is also used for hosting big events such as the open-air Umbria Jazz concerts and it is the finish line of the annual town race called Grifonissima.
A few steps from the medieval center of Perugia there is the municipal swimming pool with its daily activities for children, adults and athletes and as it belongs to the Municipality admittance is cheap. Close to the municipal swimming pool is the old sports hall, which offers various organized sports activities guided by expert instructors.

For tennis enthusiasts, the city has two clubs: the “Junior Club Perugia” and the “Tennis Club”, both with great golf fields.
We would also like to spend a few words in favor of an organization born from the idea and sacrifice of Leonardo Cenci, an athlete from Perugia who created the “Avanti Tutta” non-profit Association. The association’s goal is to promote physical activity associated with medical treatments. The idea is that practising sport (both light and monitored) should be included in medical protocols.
“Avanti Tutta” and its founder Leonardo Cenci achieved many goals such as donations to Perugia’s hospital. Info at the official website Avanti Tutta.

Finally the “Cittadella Sportiva Universitaria” (also called Centro Sportivo Bambagioni – the University sports center) is a new sport center mainly for young people and students. It has swimming pools, five-a-side football and tennis fields.
Staying in our elegant cottages at Villa Nuba means therefore having an ideal location for sport lovers too, because at only 10 minutes by bus one can have all modern sport attractions that Perugia offers to its citizens and tourists.

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