Romantic Umbria

If we are in Umbria for a romantic getaway certainly we should not escape the small towns that surround Perugia , picture frames , ideal for a declaration of love , a proposal , or simply to stroll hand in hand embraced .
Spello , named not surprisingly one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

It worths a visit especially during the period of May-June on the occasion of the “Infiorata del Corpus Christi .” It is a flower – festival during which the city was entirely covered with carpets made ​​with flowers , the language of love par excellence. Behind the this kermesse there is a lot of work by artists who choose the flowers, choose the most beautiful petals , draw their designs on streets and sidewalks , and finally color them with petals of many different species , giving the city ​​masterpieces of incomparable beauty.

Another diamond between the towns of Umbria is Todi , a town that overlooks the Tiber valley . This medieval old town preserves works and monuments of great historical and artistic importance , beautiful also the shops and small workshops of ceramics and textiles, that are located right in the center and where you can buy local products. In the summer between late August and early September there is the ” Todi Art Festival” a festival of theater , music and dance whose artistic direction has been given over the years to the actress Simona Marchini and the showman Maurizio Costanzo .

Gubbio too if visited in pair acquires a special flavor thanks to its breathtaking views and its monuments and buildings which have become famous also thanks to the fiction “Don Matteo” performed by Terence Hill “Don Matteo”.
Do not miss the ride with the cable car which leads to the basilica of St. Ubaldo , it seems made for a woman to conquer: it just hosts two people and the speed , combined with the height will be the perfect accomplice for hold her and encourage her .
Do not miss on May 15th the traditional ” Corsa dei Ceri ” (Ceri race) , a true event in honor of the patron Saint Ubaldo , to which all the people of Gubbio take part and which consists in carrying on the shoulders the three statues of saints S. Ubaldo , St. Anthony and St. George.

The event has now assumed such importance that the flag of Umbria just shows the image of this race .
Even the beautiful Spoleto worth a visit with our loved one, especially the ” Ponte delle Torri” , an aqueduct of Roman – Lombard origin that’s symbol of the city. With its 230 meters length and its view of the surrounding hills it is the ideal place for a romantic walk , perhaps at sunset.
The lack of sea is not felt in Umbria , Trasimeno Lake in fact is perfect to conduct our sweetie on a romantic boat trip or to visit by boat the three islands: Maggiore, Minore and Polvese and maybe , in the summer season , choose them as destination for a romantic picnic on the grass.
Still on the theme of water what about the ” Cascate delle Marmore” (“Marmore Falls”) in the province of Terni ?

In the summer are the perfect place to cool off between the sketches and for exchanging tenderness beneath spectacular jets of water that create a play of color and beautiful rainbows.
In Umbria , finally, the water is protagonist of equipped spa centres where you can relax in the warm healing waters or perhaps pamper yourself with a couple’s massage .

Will definitely come back to our cities more relaxed and serene , conflicts and quarrels will be just a memory and agreement will be complete.

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